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Conferenze stampa


24/05/18, 12:00
Palazzo Giureconsulti - Sala Terrazzo, piazza dei Mercanti 2 - su invito, Milano


24/05/18, 12:00
Palazzo Giureconsulti - Sala Terrazzo, solo su invito - piazza dei Mercanti 2, Milano

White Man & Woman

30/05/18, 12:00
Palazzo Morando - solo su invito, via Sant'Andrea 6, Milano

Festival della Comunicazione - presentazione

01/06/18, 11:30
Centro di produzione TV RAI - solo su invito, corso Sempione 27, Milano



Mostre / Vernissage

Il risveglio della materia di Manuel de Eguileor

30/05/18, 18:30
Studio Watt - Cross+Studio, via Giacomo Watt 35 - su invito, Milano


Press day

Luisa Bertoldo

22/05/18, 09:30 - 18:30
Design Republioc Gallery - su invito, via Giovanni Raiberti, Milano

Mjus & Mjus Rbl

22/05/18, 10:00 - 19:00
Salamon Fine Art - Palazzo Cicogna, via San Damiano 2 - solo su invito, Milano

Milena Andrade

24/05/18, 11:00 - 18:00
su invito, via Santa Maria alla Porta 5, Milano

Carlotta Canepa

29/05/18, 09:00 - 19:30
via Rovani 1 bis, Milano


Il Gufo

24/05/18, 18:00
Teatro Vetra - solo su invito, piazza Vetra 7, Milano



24/05/18, 18:00
via Formentini 14 ang. via Fiori Chiari, Milano

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18 - 20 mag 2018



18 - 21 mag 2018

Denim Premiere Vision


23 - 24 mag 2018

Accessories The Show

New York

10 - 12 giu 2018


New York

10 - 12 giu 2018

(Pre) Coterie

New York

10 - 12 giu 2018


New York

10 - 12 giu 2018

Milano Moda Uomo


16 - 19 giu 2018


Riva del Garda (TN)

16 - 19 giu 2018

White Man & Woman


16 - 18 giu 2018

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Fashion – Il magazine di news, business e trend

Fashion Magazine

No longer, or not only, a magazine providing information for decision makers throughout the fashion industry, from textiles to clothing and accessories. A more incisive, clean layout is just one feature of our magazine’s evolution into an indispensable overview of the major currents of change running through all levels of the sector.

It provides reports and exclusive interviews, analysis of the markets, a focus on rising phenomena such as e-commerce and omnichannel retailing, surveys of top retailers, constantly updated news, and the added feature of in-depth research into every form of creativity. So more space is devoted to trends, brands to keep an eye on and lifestyle, for a magazine that affirms its brand identity, ranging from print to online, to discussion and debate on current topics.

The magazine’s attention to service and distribution strategies remain unchanged, with additional circulation during the leading trade fairs and fashion shows in Italy and abroad, as well as the bilingual editions, distributed in key markets for Italian products.

Fashion Showroom

Fashion Showroom

Aimed at domestic and international buyers, this guide is completely unique: successfully launched in 2015, it provides, among other things, detailed information on all monobrand and multibrand showrooms in Milan and throughout Italy. It also offers a roundup of Italian and foreign brands, updated every edition in the “What’s Hot” and “What’s New” sections,carefully selected by the editors with the support of the showrooms.

  • New distribution to coincide with the presentations of the A/W 2016/17 men’s/women’s/accessories collections at Pitti Immagine Uomo, Milan Men’s and Women’s Fashion Week, White, The One and Super.
  • Divided into three main sections: Milan monobrands, Milan multibrands and Italian multibrands
  • Bilingual Italian/English
  • Circulation: 35.000 copies

Fashion Tabloid

Fashion Tabloid

Instant and detailed information can be considered the adding value to our daily Fashion Tabloid, which is free and realtime, available in every Italian and foreign shows.

The tight connection with the latest news plays an important role in these numbers, which are bilingual. Page after page you can read the breaking news, the marvellous events, day-by-day calendars, exhibition pics and the rashly comments.

Attached to our magazine edition, in 2015 Fashion tabloids are available during Milano Moda Donna catwalks, textile fairs in Italy and abroad and Berlin Fashion Week. And what else? The debut of the tabloid concerning the Paris Woman Week with the catwalk pics, buyers’ opinions, showroom brands to watch, new initiatives and the city “trend”.

Fashion Fairs

Fashion Guide

Fashion Fairs is a pocket guide of textile and apparel fairs. It’s bilingual and available even online on fashionmagazine.it.

This guide is for visitors and exhibitors of the most important Italian and foreign fashion events, subscribers, who receive it attached to Fashion magazine, pr agencies and showrooms.

For further information download:

Mediakit 2017 (PDF)

Editorial Schedule 2018 (PDF)


Subscription Enquiries

Advertising Enquiries


Along with the strong points that have marked its 45-year history, 2014 is a year of growth for Fashion, which strengthens and renews its identity, investing in decisive changes on all fronts: content, graphics and regularity of the issue calendar.

Fashion dedicates now even more space to current events, market analysis, trends, the textile-clothing-fashion supply chain and the world of design. With forays into fashion/beauty and fashion/food.

With his magazine Fashion, the Tabloids, the website www.fashionmagazine.it, the daily newsletter in Italian and the weekly newsletter in Russian, Fashion continues to be the only b2b publishing network in Italy, a reference point for operators, entrepreneurs, managers and opinion leaders in the fashion and design world.

By subscribing to Fashion, you will be constantly updated on the latest and most important trade news! We offer you the option of a regular subscription – lasting 1 or 2 years - , or a subscription limited to the Fashion International series (9 issues):

1 year
(34 issues, whereof 22 issues in English language)
2 years
270,00 € 490,00 €
America / Asia / Afrika / Oceania
1 year
(34 issues, whereof 22 issues in English language)
2 years
300,00 € 550,00 €

To subscribe, please pay the amount to Edizioni Ecomarket by bank wire transfer - details as follows:

Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Spa

IBAN IT12A0306901798000003650118


and transmit a copy of your payment confirmation by fax to the number +39 (0)2 806.20.333 or by email to abbonamenti@fashionmagazine.it.


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Fashion in The City 2018

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Fashion Showroom

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Fashion Fairs 2018

Sfoglia l’ultimo numero di Fashion Fairs 2018.

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